Simon Coope Karate School is a great club for adults, both beginners and experienced. Although all classes are mixed age, the higher grade students are very mature and of a high standard. If you have done Wado Ryu Karate before (or any properly constituted martial art) you will feel straight at home. For adult beginners the club offers a welcoming atmosphere and a great social side including nights out and parties. We are members of Wadokai England with Sakagami Sensei and trained under Suzuki Sensei for many years so offer a high standard of tuition. For those who want more on the Kumite (fighting) side then we are one of the most successful clubs in the country and the Kumite standard will push you if that is your interest. All fighting within the club is controlled and contact levels are as little or as hard as you personally want with the main emphasis being on safety.